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Private IP 192-168-1-1

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If you are using a router for a more convenient access to the Internet while inside your home, your connection will have a default private IP (Internet Protocol) which is a combination of numbers. This is the IP Before, it was only meant for the users of a specific brand of router. But eventually, other brands and even devices that are meant to create a network at home or even in small office started to use it as well.

However, even though the default IP address is for almost all of the broadband and modems around the world, there are also times that the a broadband user will not have the same IP as its default address. This private IP is just very common since modem and router makers consider this as the default in order to create a consistent atmosphere for all these devices. By having this as the standard IP, users who haven’t tried the modem or other devices before can immediately set this up, whether at home or any small area where networking is essential.

It does not matter whether you would connect it directly to a computer or you would have another internet device to be connected on the modem. You can easily configure the network, thanks to the said IP address. But there are some tech-savvies who do not recommend this to be your private IP for some reasons. For one, many other devices can immediately access a connection since they are all using the same default IP address just like yours. All of the activities of these devices will only be linked to one IP. It is also very accessible since all you have to do is to type at your Internet browser’s address bar just like the way you type your most visited website.

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