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Protests against the BTC filled the streets of El Salvador

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In a few days, BTC will become the official legal tender in El Salvador. As the president prepares for this big day, protests against the BTC Act are becoming more frequent. The streets of El Salvador were filled with massive protests.

Protests against BTC

In less than a week, on September 7, 2021, the waiting period for the BTC law to become mandatory in the country will end. According to the document, all economic operators must accept bitcoins along with the dollar as the main means of payment.

However, the political situation in the country is deteriorating. President Nayib Bukele promised last week that the measures would benefit the population, saving the country less than $ 400 million in remittance commissions. Part of the country’s population disagrees.

Hundreds of protesters passed through the capital, San Salvador, to express their concerns about the use of cryptocurrency, especially if they relied on pensions and social benefits instead of the US dollar in the future. One of the protesters said:

“We know that this coin fluctuates drastically. Its value changes from one second to another and we will have no control over it. “

Protesters also explained that almost no one wants bitcoins and are against using it to facilitate corruption in the country. Bukele says the adoption of BTC is optional for citizens in the country and addressed his critics in a Twitter post.

“The opposition has made every effort to scare the BTC population. As soon as the law comes into force on September 7, people will see the benefits of BTC and members of the opposition will be left as liars. “


In less than a week, El Salvador will become the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. The entire cryptocurrency world will be watching the adoption of the crypt in this Latin American country.

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