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Recent Decline in BTC (BTC) Volatility Is Turn-on to Institutional Investors

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JPMorgan highlighted that BTC is becoming more appealing to institutional investors who are seeking low-correlation assets to diversify their investment portfolios. 

JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM) in a note to clients on Thursday noted that a recent decline in BTC (BTC) volatility could boost its adoption by institutional investors. A boost in institutional adoption of BTC is “likely to arise from the recent change in the correlation structure of BTC relative to traditional asset classes,” the bank explained.

Institutional investors are likely to adopt BTC as an alternative to Gold as the asset reduces the level of market corrections. However, it is worth noting that BTC has recorded volatility of 86% in the past three months in comparison to Gold that recorded 16%.

As a result,  BTC’s market price could rally to $130,000 if the volatility keeps low, the bank noted. JPMorgan has reduced its BTC price call from $146,000, which was based on a long-term target.

In the recent report, JPMorgan highlighted that BTC is becoming more appealing to institutional investors who are seeking low-correlation assets to diversify their investment portfolios.

JPMorgan Call on BTC

The bank used the notion that BTC’s recent decline in volatility is approaching that of gold. Moreover, institutional investors are seeking a better-returning asset that has minimal risks, where BTC comes in.

The current price target is advised on the fact that a huge demand for BTC by institutional investors who have invested in Gold will occur in the near future. “Considering how big the financial investment into gold is, any such crowding out of gold as an ‘alternative’ currency implies big upside for BTC over the long term,” JPMorgan said.

A further rally of approximately 122% from the current market price could match the total private sector investment into the gold market, according to JPMorgan.

BTC has been slowly eating from the Gold global market as a safe haven. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, BTC has proved to be a better store of value over time than Gold did. Notably, BTC has rallied over eight times whilst its counterpart has not done half of it.

The constant uptrend in BTC price has attracted institutional investors including Tesla, and MicroStrategy that have added the asset to their balance sheet.

BTC was trading around $59,486.45 according to CoinGecko while Gold was trading around $1729 according to market data provided by TradingView. Notably, BTC’s market capitalization was $1,110,710,118,128, whilst Gold was almost ten times higher.

While BTC remains with a fixed supply of 21 million, Gold on the other hand has an unknown supply. Furthermore, it is yet to be discovered if Gold mining from space is possible, which could eventually flood the Gold market.

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