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Remove Antivirus 360 and AV360.exe Pop Up From Your Computer

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Antivirus 360 and AV360 pop ups : If you are getting annoying pop ups which states your computer is infected with Trojan and Virus, then chances are your computer is infected with fake alert Trojan which installs Antivirus 360. Please don’t panic, you can safely remove this infection from your computer.

What is Antivirus 360 : It is a fake Anti-spyware software, build to confuse computer users with legitimate security software. These fake software’s are spreading through Internet very fast. There are thousands of illegal websites which promotes Antivirus 360, because the producers of these fake Anti-spyware software’s pay huge money to promote their products.

What will Antivirus 360 do to your Computer : This spyware shows several misleading warnings which states your computer is infected with Trojan and Viruses. It will run fake scanning report which shows the name of several Spyware’s and Viruses, and to remove these infections it will force you to buy Antivirus 360. It displays warning in such a way that computer users will be frightened and will end up buying this product. And the worst part is that the program Antivirus 360 you just bought is a fake software which shows many more misleading warnings.

How computer gets infected with Antivirus 360 : Computer gets infected with this spyware, when you download video codec for Media player from unknown websites or when you visit malicious websites. Infection through media codec happens when you download video files from file sharing websites. Most of the video files posted at file sharing sites and p2p sites are infected with Antivirus 360. When you visit these malicious websites, it shows fake scanning reports and fake virus alerts. It will force you to click the link to download Antivirus 360.

Free Antivirus 360 Removal : It is very important to remove all the infected files from your computer. Yes, the good news is you can easily remove Antivirus 360 infection using Free removal tool.

Richard Yohannan

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