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Salvadorans will receive 9,000 scholarships to learn about BTC

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El Salvador continues to advance its proposal to expand the use of BTC  after the cryptocurrency was adopted as legal tender in September last year. Two organizations have teamed up to promote education on the use of BTC. In all, 9,000 Salvadorans will receive grants to learn more about the cryptocurrency.

Salvadorans will learn about BTC

The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Jerusalem Foundation and Harvest Trading Cap Academy – a Dominican Republic-based company that invests in financial markets, as reported by local media.

The organizations signed a cooperation agreement to award thousands of scholarships to Salvadorans.

The idea is to help “distribute knowledge about cryptocurrency trading”. In practice, this will allow Salvadorans to earn income from the cryptocurrency.

At the same time, the initiative will help solve a general problem in El Salvador, which is familiarity with cryptocurrency.

As highlighted by Jairo González, CEO of Harvest Trading Cap, the idea for the initiative arose after the approval of BTC as legal tender in the country. The company, according to him, realized the need to work with Salvadorans in order to contribute to this revolution:

“There are 9,000 scholarships that will be awarded to Salvadorans. We hope that the beneficiaries will be the next traders, who will manage the exchange systems and generate income for their families. It is an opportunity to learn how to buy cryptocurrencies and invest in increasingly important assets in society,” added González.

The benefited students will have access to a three-month course, which costs US$ 1,500. Thus, the project, as the organizations explained, is equivalent to an investment of more than US$ 13 million.

According to the Jerusalem Foundation, the grants will be distributed to citizens pre-registered in existing databases. Applications can be made through portals that will be announced in the coming weeks by the institutions. Classes are scheduled to start in April.

“We want to thank you for being part of this new project that benefits Salvadorans,” said the president of the Jerusalem Foundation, Laura Ventura.

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