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Some analysts say BTC will reach the $ 180,000 target

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Some analysts say BTC will reach the $ 180,000 target

BTC continues its upward trend, but despite the performance of the main cryptocurrency, the market has seen an even sharper increase in some of the top altcoins. These were, for example, ETH, ADA or DOT. Given the predominantly positive background, traders were understandably optimistic about BTC.

,,Break above 50k = 58-60k to follow Sitting above 200D MA which is now acting as support What is your price discovery plan? Above those Highs 3x seems reasonable which is around 180k You don’t go make new ath’s for 10% gains summed up Pentoshi on Twitter.

When asked where he sees BTC’s goal, he replied that three times current prices seem reasonable. He estimates the price even up to $ 180,000.

source: Twitter

BTC price $ 180,000 also exceeds the more optimistic $ 135,000 minimum target set by PlanB by the end of 2021.

September is not usually a bullish month for BTC

The first two days of the month were in stark contrast to the historical movements in September, which was mostly an insignificant month for the cryptomen markets. As for the future, institutional interest it can be used to make the coming weeks even more interesting.

“In the summer, BTC was bought by many large and important institutions,” he noted Mike Alfred, Founding CEO of BrightScope & Digital Assets Data.

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