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Sony and Theta Labs Release 3D NFTs You Can (Almost) Touch

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For those who believe that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are mere virtual bullshit with no connection to reality, Sony wants to prove otherwise and show that NFTs are taking another step forward in the real world.

Sony and Theta Labs Release NFT

The global electronics giant has announced a partnership with Theta Labs, operator of the Theta blockchain-based video streaming platform, to launch two types of 3D NFTs specially designed for use with the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD).

Sony’s SRD is a tablet-like device that displays three-dimensional images in semi-physical augmented reality.

It allows, for example, users to view and manipulate 3D objects without the use of glasses or other accessories.

In this way, it works like an SRD screen that tracks eye movement, rotating the image in sync as the viewer tilts or moves their head in any direction, creating the sensation of a solid 3D object.

The NFTs released by Theta and Sony will thus be visible and manipulable in the mixed reality 3D SRD, without the aid of eye accessories.

One of the two SRD-enabled NFTs, a Tiki mask called “The Tiki Guy”, will be limited edition: only 10 “Tiki Guy” NFTs will be created.

3D NFTs You Can (Almost) Touch

However, NFT owners with a US shipping address will receive a free Sony SRD. The SRD currently retails for $5,000 per unit.

The digital items will be released on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs’ NFT marketplace, which previously released Katy Perry’s first NFT collection, as well as promotional NFT collections for the World Poker Tour, “American Idol” singing competition, and game show.” The Price is Right” .”

The launch of NFT aims to drive SRD integration into more metaverse projects.

“Immersive three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to metaverse enthusiasts and collectors,” said Nick Colsey, vice president of business development at Sony, in a press release.

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