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SPONSORED: How Arbismart coin has tripled its value and has still potential

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SPONSORED: How Arbismart coin has tripled its value and has still potential


We’re all well aware of the huge gains made by BTC over the last year, from less than $9,000 to a peak of over $60,000. This was not only great news for BTC holders but was also profitable for owners of all types of altcoins. The crypto market surge contributed to a huge increase in the popularity and legitimacy of digital currencies in general, as major corporations, investment firms, and financial institutions, began to invest in the crypto arena. 

By this point the staying-power of this new asset class is no longer in question, however, the altcoins that benefited from the BTC bull run will not be able to sustain the boost they received unless they offer clear added value, with an innovative, intelligent utility behind the token. The product or service needs to be based on state-of-the-art tech that meets a market need, can generate significant profits and has the potential for long-term growth, with airtight system security to mitigate the risk of hacks and fraud. 

A Proven Product

Quietly but steadily, one altcoin, RBIS, is gaining ground, and starting to catch the attention of both retail and institutional investors alike. RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed and regulated crypto arbitrage platform that has already tripled in value, since the company was established in early 2019, and it is on track for huge gains in 2021.

SPONSORED: How Arbismart coin has tripled its value and has still potential

Crypto arbitrage is widely acknowledged to be one of the lowest-risk forms of investing, since it generates profits, without leaving you vulnerable to crypto market volatility. Instead, it works by taking advantage of temporary price inefficiencies across exchanges. These are brief instances, often lasting only a few minutes, in which a cryptocurrency is available on multiple exchanges, at different prices, at the same time. 

ArbiSmart’s fully automated, AI-based system is integrated with 35 exchanges, which it scans 24/7, tracking hundreds of cryptocurrencies to identify temporary inefficiencies. When it finds a price difference, the automated algorithm buys the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then instantly sells it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit before the window closes and the price inefficiency resolves itself. 

SPONSORED: How Arbismart coin has tripled its value and has still potential

The company’s consistent growth in popularity is due in large part to the low effort and high returns involved. All you do is sign up, deposit funds and the fully automated platform does everything else. While you get on with your day, your investment is swapped into RBIS and used to trade crypto arbitrage for profits that start at 10.8% and go as high as 45% a year, depending on the size of your deposit. Funds can be withdrawn, in EUR or BTC, directly to a bank or wallet, at any time.

One of the most significant advantages of the ArbiSmart platform is the reliability of its returns. Firstly, you are benefiting from the profitable crypto exchanges without being exposed to the extreme volatility. No matter whether the market is soaring or crashing crypto arbitrage continues to present lucrative opportunities, presenting a consistent source of revenue and a great way to hedge against falling crypto prices. 

The second factor to consider is that you are earning guaranteed passive profits. You can go to the ArbiSmart Accounts page and see, in advance, exactly how much you are going to make monthly, and annually, based on the your investment amount. 

In fact, this is only the start of your profits, since in addition to crypto arbitrage earnings of up to 45% a year, you also receive compound interest on your profits as well as capital gains on the rising value of the ArbiSmart token. It has already risen from 1 EUR  to 3.5 EUR in the two years since it was first introduced and is projected to go up to 20X its current value by the end of 2021.

A Rapid, Steady Growth Rate

RBIS’ incredible success is projected to reach new levels in 2021 for a number off reasons. One of which is that ArbiSmart has a number of new upgrades, products and features in the pipeline, for launch in Q3 and Q4, such as the company’s upcoming interest-bearing wallet, providing new valuable utilities for the token. 

The company has grown by 150% year-on-year and client acquisition is showing no signs of slowing down as the company expands its offering and extends its global reach. 

SPONSORED: How Arbismart coin has tripled its value and has still potential

It should also be noted that the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is limited to 450 million and as demand for the platform continues to rise, supply will fall, causing the token to appreciate. 

Most importantly, RBIS is currently in the process of being listed and will be available for trading in the second half of 2021. You will then need to buy the token through the exchanges if you want to use the ArbiSmart platform. As a low-risk and lucrative, long-term investment opportunity, there will be  little incentive for platform users to sell their tokens, particularly as the price of RBIS continues to rise. As a result, once RBIS is tradable on the exchanges demand will rise and supply will continue to fall, meaning an additional increase in value.

Getting in on the Ground Floor

When you invest in an altcoin, you want to get in early with a coin that has huge potential that hasn’t been fully realized yet. Your timing needs to be just right, at a point where the price is still affordable, and demand has not yet outstripped supply. Most importantly, the project needs to have substance and not just hype, with steady growth and a valuable, inventive utility.

Analyst projections put RBIS on track to rise by 400X its current price by 2025. The token isn’t even tradable on the exchanges yet, which will inevitably hike up the value, but those who invested with ArbiSmart in early 2019, when the token was launched, have already made 350% profit in just two years.

If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter of an emerging altcoin with proven success and stellar potential, RBIS presents the ultimate, secure, steady low-risk investment opportunity, offering multiple, profitable revenue streams. 

Don’t miss your window! Start investing today.

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