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The number of users who have owned BTC for 5-7 years has reached a record

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According to Glassnode, the number of dedicated BTC investors is constantly growing, especially at the time of the fall of the crypto market.

The number of BTC wallets established 5-7 years ago without any movement is on ATH

According to the metrics, the number of inactive BTC wallets set up 5-7 years ago has grown significantly, reaching an 8-month high. Currently, the 716 З25 BTC have been without any move at least since 2015, when the cryptocurrency was traded for about 300 USD.

$BTC Amount of Supply Last Active 5y-7y just reached a 8-month high of 716,325.006 BTC Previous 8-month high of 716,321.653 BTC was observed on 29 January 2022.

source: Twitter, Glassnode

As other network data show, the number of medium- and long-term BTC holders has increased significantly since 2017. In the “ICO era”, most market participants invested for short-term profits, not for the core value of technology.

With the subsequent development of the industry and institutional acceptance, more and more private investors began to use cryptocurrency as a way to save money in times of high inflation.

The number of long-term holders continues to grow, while short-term holders still tend to get rid of assets with each sharp decline.

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