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The power of decentralized governance: CluCoin donates $125,00 to the Save the Children Organization

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CluCoin (CLU) is a globally available, blockchain-based, hyper-deflationary token with a smart staking system running on the Binance Smart Chain. CluCoin aims to empower charitable organizations and individuals around the world to impact the communities they serve.

In its first month, the CluCoin community was able to donate $125,000 worth of $CLU to the Save the Children Organization. This was achieved through the decentralized CLU’s governance model, which allows token holders to vote on how to mobilize funds, a concept known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Separately, CLUnited, a non-profit organization is in the midst of being created, a 100% charitable entity that will work together with CluCoin to provide tax-deductible donations. The CLUnited non-profit has been founded to empower individuals, enabling them to have a greater impact on their local communities and alleviate suffering around the world.

What is CluCoin

CLU, short for Community, Love, and Unity is a blockchain community and project with its own native token, CLUcoin ($CLU) – which is now listed on BitMart, and a hyper deflationary auto-generating liquidity protocol with static farming. 

Clucoin’s governance system ensures that with each transaction, $CLU tokens are distributed to every holder’s wallet. $CLU holders are also rewarded through events, NFTs,  blockchain games, and various community-sponsored play-to-earn activities, among other exclusive perks, rewarding token holders for their governance and curating activities.

CluCoin aims to build one of the largest charity-focused global communities, where each $CLU token holder can vote and donate in a fully transparent and immutable manner. eCLU holders can claim holder roles, earn special perks, and participate in governance to manage our community projects, such as CLU’s Axie Infinity Scholarship Program. Tournaments, unique prizes, exclusive events, and even CLU Quests are held for rare and limited NFTs made by talented artists.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by CluCoin.

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