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The price of the ATOM token is rising due to successful cooperation with ETH!

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ATOM with a significant project
ATOM tokens. Source: Shutterstock, Stanslavs

The Cosmos project with the ATOM saw a significant increase after the launch of an important cross-chain for ETH and BTC.

ATOM is a perspective token

Currently, we can see a significant hype in the crypto market around DeFi projects, which is constantly growing, especially thanks to the successful ETH hard fork. However, the results may not be as they seem at first glance. The Cosmos project is one of the biggest proponents and fighters for change in the environment of smart contracts. It is a project that focuses on interoperability. Through their Inter Blockchain Communication protocol, they have one main goal. They want to become so-called “Internet blockchain.”

On July 20, the price was at $ 8.87. Since then, we’ve seen a respectable 180% increase to $ 24.77.

The use of DeFi is growing

The DeFi sector is still considered the tool for the biggest revolution in the standard financial sector. The recent period suggests that we are slowly approaching this goal. Recently, the Cosmos project managed to launch the first functional interface for DeFi called Emeris. This moment was a big trigger for the price increase. Emeris allows the possibility of exchange between individual blockchains.


ETH and ATOM cooperation

Another important point in price growth was the integration of a major Sifchain with the IBC. This project is of great interest as it is the first decentralized exchange that allows trading between the Cosmos ecosystem and the ETH network.

As the ETH network is currently occupied by all major projects DeFi and NFT, this integration will allow users to easily trade assets between the two networks.

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