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Thetan Arena launches guild accelerator program

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The team behind Thetan Arena has announced that guilds can now join their “Guildes Accelerator” program which will sponsor in-game metaverse guides.

To apply for the program, three requirements must be met: the guild’s Twitter account must mention @ThetanArena in its description; websites must feature Thetan Arena and the guild rating on Twitter must be up to date.

Only after carrying out these tasks will guilds be able to receive the application form for the program.

Each month of the program will have a specific activity schedule that aligns with Thetan activities.

Activities such as streaming, content from creators and internal tournaments and events will be implemented to increase community engagement.

“Guild points are reported monthly at the end of the month. Based on the guild’s accumulated points, the guild will receive a bonus + benefits accordingly. Benefits can include special Discord channel roles, whitelisted wallets, ongoing support, AMAs with the team, and more.”

Additionally, the guild will commit to monthly activities with Thetan. You will then submit the monthly report to obtain a Grant Application Packet. The two packages available are

  • BUDDY — for guilds < 30k members: 2,000 — 5,000 $THG
  • GIANT — for guild > 30k members: 10,000 $THG

Thetan Arena

While the incentive program may give the game a boost, Thetan Arena’s governance token, $THG, is continuing to take a hit. Just last month, it went from US$ 2 to US$ 0.20.

The team was also accused of miscommunication with its users, who are waiting for an update that rebalances the internal economy.

Problems could also be related to the free-to-play model. New players see little to no incentive to buy NFTs to profit and earn $THG from gameplay. After all, the price fluctuates a lot and they could never receive a positive ROI from the investment.

In addition, player base growth is stagnating, which diminishes interest in the token and the game.

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