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Metaverse MedaWars announces official release date for the game

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MedaWars is a new sci-fi themed metaverse game that features both empire mode for land play and conquest mode for PvE and PvP battles.

The game is part of CryptoMeda which announced the release of a beta version of the game for the second quarter of 2022.

MedaWars will be CryptoMeda’s flagship title and will be a turn-based strategy game. In the game, players from two factions, Goliath (a faction with strict order and laws) and Renegade (a faction that doesn’t solve problems with politics), fight for dominance over the territory.

According to CryptoMeda, the sale of characters for the game has already started. Each has its own special abilities.

Additionally, the organization announced a partnership with other games and studios such as Polygon Studios and Cryptoblades. The idea is to build the biggest cross-game title on the market.

MedaWars will also feature MedaGas in-game currency, which can be obtained by playing. At the same time, it will launch TECH, which is the utility token used in the market and staking platform.

Players can use MedaGas to build structures and increase the power of their land in the game. Meanwhile, TECH is used to buy NFTs on the market, for staking and to exchange for MedaGas.


MedaWars has started selling land in its marketplace, with prices starting at $140. “Legendary” land, the highest level available for sale, costs $1,040.

In the game, each player will need a character, terrain or both to participate in Empire Mode.

By owning land, players can earn passive income when other characters mine, fight, or travel the land.

When owning a character, players can pay a fee to the landowner and operate the land, even if they don’t own it.

Additionally, owning land in the MedaWars pre-release gives owners a ticket to participate in the draw for lands, characters, weapons, and resources. This means they can get free NFTs to play with even the smallest lot.

Finally, players can own multiple lands, and there are a total of 21,500 lands and 39,000 lots.

Positives for all or just more microtransactions?

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