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Tips For Buying a 17 Inch Laptop

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When you decide on getting a 17 inch laptop you should consider very well several factors to ensure that you will be using your device for years to come without any problems. Some people immediately rush in to buy a particular model only to find out that it does not meet their expectations resulting in a loss of money.

Buying a 17 inch laptop is just like buying your very first car. Every specification must be taken down and if possible only the best ones should be considered. With technology advancing at a rapid pace you should make sure that the model you choose can still handle applications one or two years down the line. You need to make sure that the laptop that you choose offer the latest technology, but is within your budget. Laptops can be cheap when either they offer previous generation technology or there is a promotional offer on the devices. Laptops with previous generation technology should be avoided.

Here are some tips to consider when buying a 17 inch laptop

Screen Resolution

The general rule in here is the higher the resolution the better. The typical resolution of a 17 inch screen is 1024×768 pixels which is good in handling productivity applications. If you are into watching HD movies or playing 3D intensive games then try to consider a native resolution of 1920×1200 pixels.


There are two main processors used in laptops today, Intel with its powerful Core series and AMD with their Phenom II processors. When considering a processor type for your laptop the best one to choose is the Intel Core i7 series or the AMD Phenom II X6 series. Both processor types are the high-end products of their respective makers and will be able to provide you with power to run any application on your laptop.


Always choose a dedicated GPU since this provides a superior performance over the integrated GPU. If you are into heavy multimedia work or 3D gaming then a dedicated GPU will provide you with the processing power to smoothly handle your tasks.


The standard RAM a 17 inch model will come when shipped is 4 GB DDR3. This is actually very impressive and can provide you with a smooth multitasking experience. If you feel that you will be running memory intensive applications in your laptop like CAD software or the latest Photoshop then consider upgrading your memory to 8 GB.

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