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Tips to Outsource Your First PSD To HTML Project

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An effective web presence requires a business to have a good website that is SEO and mobile friendly, has responsive coding and that provides an enhanced user experience. Once you have the PSD version of your website ready, the next step is to convert it into HTML. PSD to HTML conversion increases the visibility of the business by creating a user-friendly, pixel perfect website that is responsive, cross-browser compatible and W3C validated. There are several service providers to whom you can outsource your PSD to HTML project. Here are some tips that will guide you through the process and help to get the best value out of outsourcing this work.

Do a thorough research and select an experienced service provider

Before you zero down on a specific company, check the portfolio of their work. Are they experienced to handle your work effectively? Are their work samples impressive? Do their testimonials and reviews create a good impression in your mind? Do they have experienced team members with in depth knowledge of latest techniques? A thorough research will ensure that your first PSD to HTML project is in safe hands.

Be clear about your requirements

It will save a lot of time and energy if you write a clear job description and mention the specific goals that you wish the service provider to achieve. Crisp and clear specifications regarding the functionality of the HTML website will help the service provider to understand the requirements clearly. If you spell out all your requirements regarding each individual feature in the first stage itself it will require minimal updates, modifications and re-works at a later stage and prevent project delays. If you are not sure about any specific feature discuss it with the service provider. Organize your design files properly. Mention if you have a specific time frame or budget in mind.

Communicate your requirements effectively

Once you are clear in your head as to what you want, the next step is to speak out your mind and let the service provider know about each and every detail. If you explain with the help of some examples, it will be easier for the provider to comprehend your requirements. Elucidate the kind of buttons, links, effects and other features you want in your website.

Don’t forget to mention the details

Think about every detail in the website.

  • Let the service provider know if you want any specific fonts to be used. You can even send your own custom font files for the service provider to implement them.
  • Carefully think about the font sizes that will be suitable for mobile screens and laptop screens.
  • Pay attention to the graphic features like the icons to be used. Whether you want to use standard ready-made icons, or design your own using Photoshop, send them to the provider so that it can create a webpage appearance according to your preferences.
  • It is crucial to mention how you want the design to look when the website is viewed from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Identify how you want to organize your content. Clearly label and list the breakpoints where you want to divide the content into different parts on the page.

Regular communication

Be involved in the entire process actively. Ask the service provider to send regular updates about the status of the project. Send regular feedback during the course of the project. The entire process can go on smoothly and the project can be completed on time and as per requirements, only when the queries of the provider are answered promptly. So check your emails regularly and provide necessary inputs on time.

If you follow the above tips you are sure to get the best results by outsourcing the PSD to HTML project. A carefully thought out organized process will help in completing the project in the best possible manner.

Mark Wilson

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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