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TLV shop or what can Lightning Network do?

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TLV shop or what can Lightning Network do?

TLV shop is an example of what new features of LND implementation can do since version 0.9.0-beta. Although most people do not say anything like keysend and tlv data records, the TLV shop beautifully demonstrates the yet undiscovered possibilities of the Lightning Network.


With these new features, any data, such as a message in which the delivery address is encoded, can be sent along with a regular LN payment.



At first glance, perhaps nothing interesting, but the opposite is true. Using these functions, for example, you can place an order between two parties while maintaining maximum privacy, without third parties and with minimal technical resources. You can order with just one command in the terminal. In practice, you don’t need an eshop, a web browser, or anything else you are used to doing online shopping.


The Lightning Network is sticking out the corners slowly and carefully showing what might be possible in the future. Perhaps these are the first signs of using LNP / BP (Lightning Network Protocol / Bitcoin Protocol), which promise a digital future that is hard to imagine for most people.

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