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Visa will help creators build businesses with NFTs

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The multinational financial services company Visa is showing that it wants to be part of the transformation promoted by cryptocurrency technology.

After unite to 60 crypto platforms to bring cryptocurrencies to 80 million merchants, the company launched an NFT-focused program called “Visa Creator Program”.

More precisely, Visa launched an initiative to help content creators build businesses with non-fungible tokens.

Visa Creator Program focusing on NFTs

According to the company, the program consists of a one-year immersion that will bring together creators at a global level.

As highlighted by Visa, currently, around 50 million creators publish content as a source of income. The market is estimated at over US$100 billion. Therefore, the creator economy is one of the fastest growing categories of small businesses, according to the company.

In this sense, the idea is to help digital artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers accelerate their small businesses with NFTs.

Each program cycle will support a select group of entrepreneurs looking to deepen their understanding of the technology and platforms that underpin NFT commerce.

As NFTs can guarantee ownership and authenticity of digital goods, they can help creators generate revenue and grow their business.

According to Cuy Sheffield, Head of Cryptocurrency at Visa, NFts Can Accelerate the Creative Economy:

“We are studying the NFT ecosystem and its potential impacts on the future of commerce, retail and social media. Through the Visa Creator Program, we want to help this new generation of small and micro businesses explore new media for digital commerce.”

The Visa Creator Program is aimed at entrepreneurs working in art, music, fashion and film who are serious about incorporating NFTs into their business model,

Creators will participate in a guided program designed to build and deepen their knowledge of the crypto ecosystem.

The program is part of Visa’s efforts to help small/micro businesses gain greater access to the digital economy.

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