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VoIP Reseller Programs – Selecting Private Label or White Label VoIP

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While dealing with the latest call termination technology, the industry is realising the benefits of communication over a single IP network. Considering the facts, IP services have raise the ratio of VoIP users compared to users of pre-existing PSTN services. The advanced VoIP technology delivers its services via the internet which results in reduction of costs and improvement in the call quality.

As a matter of fact, the IP services hold a definite prospective in the industry, as services are getting popular among small or big organisations along with the residential users. With the passage of time, the demand of the VoIP telephony services and opportunities are increasing rapidly. On the whole, there is tremendous opportunity for resellers to venture into VoIP reseller programs. This domain is well suited for users who possess effective marketing skills and a large client base to cater to their services. Moreover, users do not need any sort of detailed technical knowledge.

The best part of voice services is that the telecommunication market also encourages the users with the low investment to venture into various streams; thanks to the VoIP reseller domain, as the hardware required for call termination are provided by the voice over IP providers or wholesalers. To sum it all up, VoIP resellers act as a mediator between the wholesaler and end users. To pursue its services to end users, resellers avail some portion of the IP switch from the wholesaler.

The end-users thrive on VoIP services to reduce the cost of long distance and international calls by almost half of the cost. The wholesaler sells his services to resellers in choice of two programs, namely private label VoIP and white label VoIP. The white label program allows resellers to re-brand their services i.e. the reseller can sell his services with his own name.

Lastly, VoIP reseller programs are considered as a good option for users that posses specialised marketing skills in their geographical domain.

Kristen Kiya

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