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Why and How to Convert Your Website From HTML to WordPress

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As the years go by, content management system websites are becoming more popular. Most business owners want to be able to make minor updates to their own website. In addition, most business owners would like to be able to add pages to their own website without having to need a webmaster on retainer to do all the work.

In order to work with an HTML website, a person needs to have knowledge of an editing program such as Dream Weaver which is not super easy. There are complete books written on these types of editing software program which is a testament to their versatility but not their ease of use. It can take months to become adept at using a program like Dream Weaver.

WordPress happens to be the most user-friendly content management system in existence. It is an open platform program, and allows third-party developers to create teams, templates, and plug-ins for extremely versatile functionality. While HTML websites are static and have the .html ending to each page on the site, WordPress websites are referred to as dynamic and the pages have a different ending which is .PHP. WordPress can be learned in just a couple hours when it comes to changing website content and working with a blog. It is extremely user friendly.

This brings up a very interesting problem, which is how do you go about changing an HTML website to a WordPress one without losing existing search engine rankings? It is not an easy conversion, as the minute the web address of any of the pages changes just a little bit, the search engines will see it differently and all of the existing rankings will be lost.

Therefore, it is important to conserve the HTML ending to your site pages while doing the conversion. This becomes a difficult coding issue, however, it is possible to do and there are companies that specialize in just this conversion.

Once the conversion is complete, it is possible to have full WordPress functionality including the ability to easily edit your pages and add new ones using an existing template. In addition, there are great plug-ins for search engine optimization purposes and integration with social media which is one of the main reasons WordPress is the best content management system today.

So if you have been contemplating changing your HTML website to WordPress, know that it is very important not to simply take all your content and put it into a WordPress template, a professional website conversion is necessary.

David L Greene

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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