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Xbox 360 Cheat Codes – Clever Play, Or Plain Cheating?

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To code, or not to code

There’s a fairly sharp, though not always easily visible, line drawn between the two different groupers of gamers. There are those that use cheat codes for Xbox 360 games, and those that don’t. Usually the people that refuse to cheat can’t understand why the people that are willing to use cheat codes would do so… and the cheaters can’t understand what all the high and mighty fuss is about! Today we check out what’s good about using Xbox 360 cheat codes, and what’s not.

Does cheating make games boring… or does NOT cheating make them boring?

There are strong arguments on both sides of the fence that in certain situations, both using cheats and not using cheats is equally boring.

For example, it’s no fun metaphorically banging your head against the brick wall of some part of an Xbox 360 game that you just cannot figure out. As graphics have gotten better, game developers have also become trickier, and now it can take many, many weeks of gameplay to get past difficult places in difficult games.

However, using cheat codes, no matter how hard you tried to complete the certain part of the game beforehand, does take away that sense of accomplishment… and ultimately contribute to a feeling of boredom with the game.

Getting new levels / different characters / other bonuses

Cheat codes aren’t always about just skipping a level or part that you just can’t do. Sometimes you can use them to get hidden characters or unlock levels that simply can’t be unlocked any other way. Remember, the developers expect people to look on the internet for cheats, and design their games accordingly! If you ignore all cheats, you’re certainly missing out on the full capabilities of your Xbox 360 games.

Too busy

It may be possible for you to get past a certain point in a level… if you just had enough hours in the day to practice. Most of us are too busy to put in the weeks required to perfect a single jump-roll-gun draw combination, and a cheat can help you move on to other, more exciting parts of the game.

Foiling the time wasters!

Sometimes game developers just seem exceptionally sadistic… you might have to collect hundreds of different items, or win a race that you can already nail 50 times to get enough cash to progress in the game. Cheats can help you get past these ‘time wasting’ parts in Xbox 360 games that you know you’re capable of doing… you just couldn’t be bothered with them!

Okay for single player games, but not online play?

Cheats are available for all different sorts of games, not only the single player games on Xbox 360. When you start using cheats in online play against other (real) players, a whole new can of worms is opened up… and while most Xbox 360 gamers would admit to using cheats in single player games and describe them as a ‘victimless crime’, the same can’t be said about using cheats to defeat real people!

Mia Cusack

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