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Xbox Self Repair – Using Repair Manual For 3 Flashing Red Light Fix

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3 flashing red lights or 3 blinking red lights is a very common problem in the world of Xbox. The red lights are mainly the part of a signaling system which indicates that something is wrong with the console and it needs to be repaired. This is why whenever you find the green lights around the power button of your console blinking red, do not waste another second, simply go for a 3 flashing red light fix as soon as possible.

What causes the 3 blinking red light error?

System Overheating

Now the RROD can often be caused by system overheating- a common problem for the gamers who play for longer hours. This is because when you run an Xbox, it starts to generate considerable amount of heat which can get the internal parts of the console overheated. Now if this heat is not being driven out of the machine then there is a good possibility that the CPU or GPU inside the console will get damaged and could lead towards 3 flashing red light.

A weaker fan

The system over heating often occurs when the cooling fan inside the machine fails to work properly or if the console is placed in a very isolated place where it cannot get enough air supply.

In most cases people consider calling Microsoft for all kind of Xbox repairs including 3 flashing red light fix. However, this option can turn out to be a very expensive one in case your Xbox has an expired warranty since Microsoft charges as much as $140 to fix such machines. This is when a repair manual can save the day for you.

An Xbox 360 repair manual includes all kind of Xbox fixes that can help you to go for 3 flashing red light fix or any other kind of error code fixing. Many gamers are going for Xbox self repair these days with the help of a repair manual which is not only the most cost effective option but is the fastest way to get your console fixed from the error as well.

Purchasing an Xbox repair manual- things you need to consider

Now when it comes to choosing an Xbox 360 repair manual, you need to take the following things under consideration:

1. Make sure that the guide is offering high quality video clips to show you how to fix a broken Xbox.

2. Also make sure that the repair techniques offered by the guide is ensuring permanent solution for your problem.

3. Check out whether they are offering a money back guarantee (a good repair guide will definitely come up with this offer).

4. Check out some of the product reviews that are posted on the website.

5. And finally make sure that you are not spending more than $20 for an Xbox 360 repair manual.

So go through these steps and choose the right Xbox 360 repair manual to fix your console from 3 flashing red light.

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