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XR-NFT series: A mesmerizing release by Santo Blockchain and Jerome Peschard

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • A recent partnership between Santo Blockchain Labs and renowned artist Jerome Peschard drew attention.
  • The partnership led to the release of the XR-NFT series that has attracted the eyes of many.
  • This partnership has become known around the world as the NFT industry continues to blossom.

Santo Blockchain Labs, one of the most popular blockchain software development service providers, has released an XR-NFT art piece by joining hands with the talented France-based artist Jerome Peschard.

This fresh digital pop-art series is known as “eXtended Reality Non-Fungible Tokens (XR-NFT)” and has a mix of various high technologies. 

Rush of Mars XR-NFT Series

Jerome has called the XR-NFT series creation a “Rush of Mars” amidst the claims by various tech giants and big faces like Elon and Jeff Bezos to take us all to space. 

The “Rush of Mars” is going to be launched as a 150X150cm original artwork by Peschard. It was previously done by the same pop artist in physical form. Jerome has found his rusty steel canvas from various construction places.

The art piece is astonishing with the neon green theme. It starts with a flickering of neon green lights on the text “Rush of Mars” followed by a bright spark that lights up the text. It also carries a steady sound which comes with an electrical charging of atoms.


This amazing physical artwork will soon be getting an NFC-Tag which will allow users to open this digital asset by smartphone scanning. It will provide 3D visuals and a perceptual sound experience.

Elements like AI-based vehicles, 1960s fashion trends, 1950s food display makes the “Rush to Mars” a perfect title for the NFT piece. 

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