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Yuga Labs Warns of ‘Coordinated Attack’ Against NFT Communities

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The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market and its users are in the crosshairs of hackers. After several recent attacks, Yuga Labs, creator of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAC) NFT collection, issued a warning on its Twitter account on Monday.

The company mentioned an alleged “persistent threat group” targeting NFT holders and communities. According to the company, the group’s action, which may soon start a coordinated “attack”, was detected by its security team. In this sense, Yuga Labs asked its followers to be more cautious and be aware of this:

Hacker Attack on NFTs Premint Website

The alert in question comes just days after Premint, one of the most famous NFT-mining sites, was targeted by a hacker.

According to a post published by the platform’s official Twitter account, hackers attacked the site last Sunday. They then gained access to steal NFTs from Premint users.

Team behind the site warned users about the intrusion and asked them not to approve transactions originating from Premint.

The hack is estimated to have resulted in the loss of 314 NFTs and $375,000 in ETH. Premint has over 12,000 NFT designs and around 2.43 million collectors.

Another alert from Yuga Labs

In the case of the Yuga Labs message, this is not the first alert issued by the company. That’s because, last month, one of the founders of Yuga Labs, “Gordon Goner”, warned about the possibility of an invasion of the company’s social media accounts.

At the time, he made it clear that the company would never hold surprise mints. In addition, after Gordon’s alert, Yuga’s security team began tracking his social media accounts and improving their security.

Attacks citing surprise “mints” have been a very popular method used by hackers to lure victims and steal their cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

In the month of June, for example, a group of hackers caused yet another breach in the ecosystem of Bored Apes and Otherside. The attackers stole 32 NFTs, including copies of the BAYC collection and Mutant Ape (MAYC) in an attack that promised exclusive offers on NFTs from the collections.

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