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Minecraft bans NFTs and blockchain

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One of the most popular games today, Minecraft, has announced the total ban on NFTs and blockchain from its platform. An official post on the Minecraft website listed the reasons for the decision and the “Minecraft Usage Guidelines” document was modified to contain the new rules.

According to the publication, the ban on NFTs came in response to questions from the game’s community. According to the developers, NFTs make the game uneven, which is against the principle of Minecraft.

“All players must have access to the same functionality and NFTs can create scarcity and exclusion models,” the company said.

In this sense, they stated that these models conflict with the guidelines and with the spirit of Minecraft. With this, nothing developed through the blockchain can be part of the game. This includes Minecraft game content such as worlds, skins and personal items.

No NFT in Minecraft

Also according to the publication, the speculative price and investment mindset around NFTs takes the focus away from the game.

“This encourages profit, which we find inconsistent with our players’ long-term joy and success,” they said.

Additionally, the company stated that it is concerned about the reliability of third-party NFTs:

“There have been cases where NFTs were sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices.”

However, despite the ban, the company stated that it has been studying blockchain technology to ensure the principles are reviewed and to determine whether it will allow for safer experiences.

However, the publication highlighted that the company has no plans to implement blockchain technology in Minecraft at this time.

It is worth noting that there are several third-party developments enabling NFTs in Minecraft. However, with the complete end of support for blockchain, all applications must lose function.

“Whether you’re a player or creator involved in buying, selling or trading NFTs that make use of Minecraft affects you,” the company said.

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