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ZenX: Is a CeDefi Incubator That Supports Decentralized Projects

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ZenX: Is a CeDefi Incubator That Supports Decentralized Projects

ZenX Incubator (PDF) is more than a method for innovative teams to connect with advisers and early-stage adopters. It is a fully compliant, scalable, and accessible approach to making decentralized innovation transparent, from concept to widespread support from the community.

A decentralized incubator is a company that assists blockchain startups succeed by offering infrastructure, technical expertise, networking opportunities, and investment. ZenX is a perfect fit for this niche, and has lots of room to grow.

It is difficult to compare and evaluate the state of the incubator niche in the DeFi sector. As a result, many projects that were launched in 2017 are no longer functioning or have minimal information about their ongoing activities.

DeFi struggles with a lack of standardized organizational practices and regulation – this is especially true for high-risk platforms like exchanges and wallets. One of the best solutions is transparent information that is easy to digest – which is one of the great aspects of ZenX.

CeDefi Incubator

The crypto market is extremely volatile, and continuing operations during a downward trend requires a great deal of knowledge, competence, and support.

One answer to this problem is ZenX – the world’s first CeDeFi incubator, combining the best decentralized and centralized processes to enable blockchain businesses to grow responsibly – and attract the right investors.

ZenX supports innovation that reduces back-office costs, expedites consignment clearance, and minimizes the risk of corruption.

Because Unizen’s objective is to bridge the gap between decentralization and institutions, it is enthusiastic about tools that let market participants connect.

ZenX is a CeDeFi incubator that helps decentralized projects expand by providing technical expertise and growth management, as well as ensuring that they are fully compliant with any regulations that may need to be followed.

Significantly, Unizen, a Compliant Liquidity Provider that combines digital assets from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, is supporting the incubator.

Deep hybrid liquidity is enabled by this new model, which is backed by an integrated ecosystem that includes both centralized and decentralized exchange elements – which is great for any new company that needs access to capital on the best possible terms.

ZenX Platform

Unizen users can take advantage of process trades that have less slippage, more asset availability, as well as improved security with ZenX.

The platform’s objective is to connect decentralized technologies with a community of supporters who will help DeFi gain broad adoption in exchange for a variety of rewards.

ZenX’s innovation rewards are broad and reward early adopters at a community level. It is being created to be a community that everybody can join. In fact, it is a meritocratic, grass-roots approach to blockchain fundraising.

Its mission is to combine the best of traditional (Ce) incubation with the advantages of decentralized technology (De) — DAO, smart contracts, and multi-asset staking.

In fact, the project acts as a key support for DeFi teams through different stages including from pre-launch to growth by implementing blockchain technology to power all of the business decisions.

In addition, projects are funded by a decentralized community of crypto adopters using a proprietary multi-asset staking technology, rather than VC investment which concentrates the ownership of a small company in the hands of a few investor groups.

Key Areas Covered by ZenX

Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, and Online Payments: ZenX is a business incubator that supports companies that are developing cryptocurrencies and online payment systems with the goal of providing practical benefits to customers, such as lower fees, higher security, and a better user experience.

Each project should have a separate use case and set of technical features. Protocol tokens, utility tokens, securities tokens such as crypto stocks and crypto bonds, natural asset tokens, crypto/fiat currencies, and stablecoins are all examples of this sort of project.

Decentralized Finance: Smart contracts are used to build financial instruments based on blockchain technology.

The incubator assists projects that develop trust in the decentralized finance ecosystem by putting an increasing quantity of money into smart contracts, implying a growing confidence in these new financial tools.

DAO ecosystems, decentralized exchanges, wallets, lending platforms, and other related topics are covered in this section.

International Trade: Decentralization and smart contracts in international trade enable for the automatic and fast issue of customs invoices, permits, licenses, and certifications with significantly reduced rates.

Value Chains: Throughout global value chains, blockchain technology can improve accessibility, traceability, and reliability.

Several successful proof-of-concept implementations imply that blockchain technology will likely lead to disruptive transformations, including cost savings and enhanced efficiencies, as well as new operating models.

Unizen’s concentration, however, is not restricted to these sectors. The team and their partners are eager to support chains that add value to a variety of businesses while also benefiting markets, communities, and crypto adoption.

Reasons To Choose ZenX First

While multi-staking is at the heart of the ZenX incubator, it provides many benefits to ZCX stakeholders.

The first reason is ZenX stakeholders will be provided with a crypto portfolio that is completely decentralized in terms of staking, claiming, purchasing and under the control of smart contracts.

There’s no need to put their pressure on a single source of information.

Impressively, with automated portfolio diversification benefit, adopters can invest in dozens of potential firms through only one multi-staking program, as a result, no need to transfer between several interfaces or place multiple bets in different currencies.

Stakeholders in ZCX have access to a great deal of seed sales and IDOs held exclusively for the ZenX community as well as follow up real-time pool share and revenue information calculated using the TVL which are both seen as other amazing benefits for stakers.

Significantly, as the Unizen network is also a stakeholder for all ZCX holders, by working with the most vibrant new crypto projects, the multi-staking program allows Unizen to expand its use cases, raise the capacity of operations in the system (and hence the profitability of staking), and drive wider acceptance.

In addition, with no lockup period benefits, at any time, users can contribute or withdraw any amount of $ZCX and so that stakeholders are not at risk of losing their money.

Getting On Board

All ZenX initiatives are unique, and their incubation necessitates customized processes. All members will have access to a plan of incubation activities, updated roadmaps, and documentation after the participation is introduced to the community.

Specifically, the selection process involves three different stages which are screening, developing a business model and building a long term strategy.

The team is always on the lookout for promising incubation prospects, and applications are carefully considered. New participant screening is a never-ending procedure.

At this stage, two main steps are taken which are assessment and confirmation. Assessment is commenced after the team has been preliminary selected for collaboration.

This step can take from a week up to a month as the team conducts multiple calls with the founders, core staff and project advisers throughout this time to ensure the project is analyzed and understood in a 360-degree angle.

After evaluating a project, confirmation is made, however the team suggests initiatives for consideration only and the final decision is made by the decentralized community.

At the second stage, ZenX consultants always take a second look and make experience-driven tweaks to bring the business model to fruition as they usually partner with projects that already have a clear growth strategy.

The business model may include components such as identifying the scope of the project to ensure the implemented cases are compatible with the involved infrastructure, generating tokenomics with long-term projections by ZenX blockchain and financial experts.

More time and oversight helps teams avoid typical and not-so-common decentralization mistakes by providing advice in economics, legislation, market trends, and communication based on establishing a solid foundation.

Noticeably, ZenX has already started their journey to assist the development of decentralized projects which is reflected through their first project which is Circus.

Circus is a blockchain ecosystem of IoT devices, blockchain wallets, and data exchange marketplaces that enables consumers to take control of their data by converting it into a Non-Fungible-Token.

ZenX Offers Blockchain Developers New Horizons

ZenX Incubator is a fully featured platform and a lot more.

Great blockchain projects need help to grow into an increasingly competitive marketplace. ZenX is the perfect kind of platform to fill in a gap that has emerged, so that amazing ideas can grow into powerful platforms.

To learn more about ZenX, or find out how to use the platform, just click here. With innovative tools and a solid backing from Unizen, ZenX is on its way to being a new path for blockchain projects to come into the global markets.

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