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Zventus wants to modernize the mortgage industry

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The business consulting company Zventus recently announced its new blockchain laboratory, which should bring a revolution in the mortgage sector. How does the new Blockchain Lab want to modernize the mortgage industry?

Revolution in the mortgage industry

The American company Zventus this week announced a new blockchain initiative called “Mortgage Blockchain Lab”. The laboratory is to gather all the resources of several mortgage experts, technology companies and academic institutions to collaborate on blockchain research.

The California company wants to work with its partners in this blockchain solution to develop and test new products and services focused on the mortgage sector. Angel Alban, CEO of Zventus, said of the huge potential of blockchain in the mortgage industry:

“There is no doubt about the ability of blockchain to disrupt the mortgage industry. The possibilities of a secure and transparent ledger without a central intermediary are beginning to be promoted in Europe and Asia, and are gaining considerable popularity in North and South America. We are very excited to be at the forefront of a technological revolution that will forever change mortgage processing. ”

The newly created blockchain laboratory, which uses ETH and Hyperledger together with the knowledge of its academic partners, outlined its ambitions until 2024. The company intends to create up to 1,000 new technological jobs.

“Blockchain is already disrupting the financial and banking sector in Europe, and we are excited to be able to lead the education and adoption of blockchain technology in America.”


Whether the consulting company Zventus will succeed in the mortgage industry can only be surprised. However, it brings some news. More information about Zventus’ plans can be found under the attached link HERE.

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