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5 Best Adult Addons for Kodi in 2021 (Kodi v19 & v18)

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Kodi’s official repository is a vault of amazing addons. However, as one could expect, porn-related content can’t be found there. Luckily for us, this application supports installing content sources from anywhere, allowing us to show you the best adult Kodi addons.

With this said, we’ll give you a round of recommendations from the domain of “unofficial” Kodi addons. What you need to know is that we’re talking about legal options here.

That’s because the following addons scrape porn websites for content, bringing you plenty of video clips and other types of video material available free of charge.

However, keep in mind that these are still unofficial addons, so they can stop working suddenly. Due to this reason, we’ve wanted to recommend several options for the best adult addons for Kodi, so you can always have an alternative.

How to Find & Install Adult Addons for Kodi (v19 ‘Matrix & v18 ‘Leia’)?

Many of you will want to know how to get started with Kodi adult addons. We’re here to help, so make sure to check the following guide on installing addons.

  • Open Kodi and then enable the application’s support for third-party addons.
  • Then, select ‘Add-Ons‘ using the main menu.
  • In the top-right corner, click on the ‘open box‘ icon.
  • Make sure to select ‘Install from ZIP File‘ and press ‘OK‘ if prompted to confirm your decision.
  • Now, download any of the ZIP files you’ll find below (based on whether you’d like to use XXX-O-DUS, Ultimate Whitecream, Video Devil, AdultFlix, or FapZone).
  • Use Kodi to navigate to the ZIP files you’ve downloaded to your device. This will install a corresponding repository, so you also need to access it to install the addon you need.
  • Once done, select ‘Install from Repository.’
  • Navigate to the newly installed repository, select ‘Video Add-Ons‘ and click on any addon’s name.
  • Finally, click on ‘Install.’ That’s it!

What Are Truly the Best-Working Adult Kodi Addons in 2021?

No matter if you use Kodi v19 or Kodi v18, we made sure to bring you a selection of the best Kodi adult addons – that work without any issues. So, here are our five recommendations.

  1. XXX-O-DUS (Compatible with Kodi 19)
  2. Ultimate Whitecream
  3. VideoDevil (Compatible with Kodi 19)
  4. AdultFlix
  5. FapZone (Compatible with Kodi 19)

1. XXX-O-DUS (Compatible with Kodi 19)

XXXODUS Porn Kodi Addon

Without any doubt, XXX-O-DUS has been one of the most popular adult Kodi addons for a very long time now. The reason for this is the addon’s rich library of content.

Considering that it’s been available for years, this addon comes with a library of various content types, targeting a wide range of users.

When it comes to what can be found here, we can say that you’ll find plenty. There are live cams, video clips, scenes, and full movies. There are even some specialized categories, such as virtual reality.

We have to admit that some of the addon’s sources seem to be broken – but that still leaves you with the biggest library of adult content you’ll find out there.

2. Ultimate Whitecream

Ultimate Whitecream Kodi Porn Addon

Ultimate Whitecream is another well-known name in the world of Kodi porn addons. This one was a popular name until a few years back when it suddenly disappeared, so we’re glad to see it back online.

Even though it doesn’t have the same range of content as it used to, it still comes with plenty to keep you entertained for a long time to come. And also, we’ve seen frequent updates during the last couple of months, expanding this addon’s functionality.

To install Ultimate Whitecream, you install the TVAddons Repo first. So, once you add it to your Kodi, navigate to Kodi Repos > XXX-Adult > Click on this ZIP file, and you’ll install a repository of adult addons, which is where you’ll find Ultimate Whitecream as well.

3. VideoDevil (Compatible with Kodi 19)

VideoDevil Kodi Porn Addon

VideoDevil has changed many repositories during the last couple of years and is now being hosted by TVAddons. This latest iteration has also changed the original concept, which means that VideoDevil is now focused on short-form video clips.

As such, it comes with a collection of clips gathered from close to sixty websites. In other words, thousands of video clips can be found here.

Unlike most other porn-related Kodi addons, this one gives you some freedom in choosing the desired video quality. Video sources that support this option present a pop-up before playing a video, so you can choose from several quality levels – up to HD (which, for the most part, is limited to 720p). All in all, VideoDevil is certainly worth your time.

4. AdultFlix

AdultFlix Adult Kodi Addon

You can think of AdultFlix as a combination of the previously mentioned recommendations. At first sight, it looks close to identical to XXX-O-DUS. However, once you dive a bit deeper, you can find some unique content options here – like images and comics even. Of course, other types of content (like cams, clips, and scenes) can be found here as well.

During our time testing AdultFlix, we managed to find no broken links. That means the addon is well-maintained, eliminating the frustration of trying to find a video that plays with no issues.

To try out this addon, make sure to install the Kodi Adult repository. This means you need to add “” to Kodi via its File Manager. Then, navigate to Kodi Repos > XXX-Adult > and click on this ZIP file. Access the newly added repository and find the addon there.

5. FapZone (Compatible with Kodi 19)

FapZone Adult Kodi Addon

We’ll end our list of the best adult Kodi addons with FapZone. This one comes from the StreamArmy repository and includes a bunch of different video categories.

You can even find 60fps videos here (up to 1080p), so it’s worth trying it out since this is something that no other Kodi porn addon offers.

If you decide to try it out, you’ll see that FapZone is a bit different from the rest of our recommendations. It comes with a uniquely designed UI, showing you a huge list of video categories. Click on any of these, and you’ll dive into hundreds of clips once the addon indexes its content library.

Adult Kodi Addons Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Do!

For the most part, Kodi should work without any issues. However, you’ll sometimes see error messages that read “Check the log for more information,” “Failed to install a dependency,” and “Something went wrong.” So, here’s how to fix these errors.

  • Our first recommendation would be to erase Kodi’s cache, which often causes issues with addons (third-party ones, in particular). Use the provided link to get to our in-depth guide.
  • Then, we would recommend updating or reinstalling Kodi. However, keep in mind that Kodi 19 still doesn’t work with many addons, so proceed with caution. If you use Kodi 18, feel free to update to Kodi 18.9, which could resolve many performance issues.
  • In case you face a problem with dependencies, you can try to install them manually (as Kodi will automatically try to install them, which is not ideal). We have a guide on resolving Kodi’s dependency-related issues, so use the provided link to learn more.

Which Adult Addons for Kodi No Longer Work or Have Shut Down Permanently?

As you can see above, we’ve recommended a small group of add-ons. That’s because it has become increasingly difficult to find third-party Kodi addons, mostly due to anti-piracy efforts (even though XXX addons are not in that group). With that said, here are the previously popular adult Kodi addons that no longer work.

  • Mega-Tron Repository
  • Panty Raiders
  • Jizz Planet
  • Man Cave XXX
  • Fists-O-Fury
  • Hotgoo
  • YouPorn
  • Just For Him
  • Tube8
  • WildFire
  • LubeTube


Are Porn Kodi Addons Legal to Use?

When it comes to pornography, this type of content is legal to distribute across the world (except in a few countries). However, make sure to know your country’s Internet pornography laws. And more importantly, make sure to respect those laws.

We’d like to add that some countries have announced age verification checks, such as Australia and the United Kingdom. And some countries outright ban porn sites, such as Uganda, Bangladesh, and India, among others.

How Can I Unblock Porn Content on Kodi?

Certain types of Internet connections can block porn by default. This typically happens if your ISP is limiting your access to porn (while charging for a porn-centric traffic plan). In those cases, you can use a VPN application to unblock porn and other types of content.

We highly recommend using ExpressVPN, especially if you’re a Kodi user. This is an affordable VPN service that checks all the right boxes while unblocking online content (including Kodi addons) as well.

Should I Use a VPN to Unblock Porn?

Yes – you should use a VPN to unblock porn websites, but only in those countries that allow this type of content. Remember that you don’t want to go against any country’s laws, no matter if you’re a citizen of that country or simply passing through.

Why Not Install a Porn Build for Kodi?

We strongly recommend you avoid builds designed for Kodi, as these are illegal to use. As they typically serve pirated content, we’re talking about copyright infringement here. It means that you’ll be in danger of getting caught by your ISP and your government and being forced to pay a hefty fine.

The world of Kodi is a highly active one. So, if you want to stay on top of the latest news and guides, make sure to explore more about Kodi on our website. And with that said, we conclude our guide to the best Kodi adult addons in 2021.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.
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