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9 Skills To Look For In A Full-Stack Developer

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In today’s advanced, competitive, and digital world, if you talk about taking your business online in a cost-effective way, there’s no better choice than going with full-stack development services or choosing a full-stack developer. These developers are versatile and are well-versed in both back-end and front-end web development. They can be considered multi-talented web development professionals who can cater to all your website or web app development needs.

Since the dawn of this digital era, most organisations are creating their own unique online presence through websites or web apps. And the domain of web or application development is witnessing immense growth like never before. Business owners are now looking for cost-effective ways to go online and this has significantly increased the demand for full-stack web development services and full-stack developers. However, there are millions of developers around today but choosing a highly skilled one is important to give a competitive edge to the website or web application.

Here are the skills you need to look for in a full-stack developer before choosing one for your next project.

Full-stack developers are software development professionals who are equally proficient in client-side or front-end and server-side or back-end development. They are familiar with different tech-stacks that are involved in software development. These professionals have extensive knowledge and a broad skill set in web development. Here are the skills of a proficient developer discussed in detail.


While CSS means Cascading Style Sheets and HTML means HyperText Markup language, CSS is the personalisation tool used for styling and designing a website, HTML is actually used for adding the website content. Both CSS and HTML determine the visual appeal or the look of the website that ultimately plays a key role in attracting potential online customers. Full-stack developers must have a strong knowledge of both CSS and HTML so that they can easily define the web page structure using markup and for effectively presenting the HTML elements. They must have extensive knowledge of both these languages to create intuitive, interactive, and engaging front-end for the websites or web apps.


When it comes to website or web application development, JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages and a full-stack developer must have in-depth knowledge in this. This Object-oriented language is used for adding behaviours using HTML. Also, javaScript is used for writing both the back-end and front-end codes for servers. Moreover, it is the only scripting or programming language that runs natively on the server-side in the browser. The developers should have deep knowledge of this language with some other related concepts like Angular, React, JSON, and DOM.

Git and GitHub:

With Git, web developers can easily and efficiently manage the changes made to the codes, documents and other data. And every full-stack developer must have a GitHub profile. Git actually allows developers to track all the major and minor modifications made to the codebase. Hence, the developers should be aware of the basic Git commands along with the examples.

Back-end languages:

For efficient back-end development, a developer must be proficient in different programming languages including PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and more. The developer should be familiar with the syntax of these languages and must have practical experience in using these as per the project requirements.

Web architecture:

A proficient and reliable full-stack developer must be aware of the Knitty-gritty of web architecture. As their main responsibility is to build websites and web applications right from scratch, they should know how to easily structure the codes, maintain the data, categorise the files and perform the essential computational tasks.


Both these cater to two different purposes. While HTTP is the protocol that is used to facilitate communication with the clients, the REST is the interface between the systems using HTTP protocol for gathering the data and performing different operations on the data. REST can be considered as the translator between the back-end and front-end. And this makes it essential to look for full-stack developers who are masters in using both.

Database storage:

Database storage calls for developers who are aware of relational databases as well as database storage inside-out. These professionals should have expertise in database management that is designing, understanding, and managing database queries.

Basic design skills:

As already said that full-stack web development includes both front-end and back-end development, it is essential to look for a developer who possesses basic design skills. This is crucial to make the project look attractive, neat, well organised, and interactive. The developer should have knowledge of the basic design principles including UI and UX design, scalability, and other design prototypes.

Soft skills:

Apart from these, a good developer should possess some essential soft skills as well like learning and adaptability skills with the advancements of technologies, communication skills, must have a creative vision, and excellent time-management skills.

So, this is the complete list of skills a full-stack developer possesses. And there’s no better choice than availing full-stack development services when you want to go online with your business in a cost-effective way.

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