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How a Plastic Loyalty Card Can Boost Your Business

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By giving a plastic loyalty card to their best customers, UK business owners can increase both sales and customer allegiance. In this article, we’ll present some of the benefits associated with implementing a customer loyalty program in practically any type of business.

Make Easy to Identify Your Best Customers

By virtue of a magnetic stripe or an embedded microprocessor chip on plastic loyalty cards, merchants have the unprecedented opportunity to learn exactly what their customers are purchasing. Here are some specific tactics merchants can employ when using customer loyalty cards to increase both traffic and sales.

Consider a Points Program for Your Loyal Customers

A popular customer loyalty reward is a points program. In this scenario, customers earn points on current purchases that can be applied toward future purchases. For example, a supermarket chain might allow customers to accumulate points all during the year. Then at holiday time, customers can use their points to buy a turkey or ham at a substantially discounted price. Another great way to use a points program is to employ it to stimulate sales during slow periods. For example, the same grocery chain might offer customers double points during the naturally slow sales period that follows a holiday. Another popular option to offer to loyal customers is the opportunity to redeem their points for a plastic gift card that they can give to a friend or relative.

Other Ways to Use a Loyalty Card

One more way to use a customer loyalty card program effectively is to collect information on customers’ purchasing history and behavior. If a merchant has data about when customers shop, what they buy and how much they typically spend, he can tailor his loyalty program to identify and reward those customers who spend the most time and money in his establishment. Loyalty card programs are great ways to stimulate sales by offering bonus points when customers’ purchases exceed a certain amount. Finally, a business can single out customers who hold loyalty cards for “members only” sales and promotions. An example would be a pet shop that offers a free bag of pet food to customers who have purchased a certain number of bags in the past.

With a little creative thinking and ingenuity, UK business owners who use a plastic loyalty card program to reward their best customers can expect to reap the benefits of increased sales and good will.

Charlie Bennot

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