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An open NTF metaverse for everyone

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Metaverse NFT Game The sandbox has enjoyed a lot of hype in the past year. With the Alpha Season 2 the game now goes to the second round.

While access to the first season was still strictly limited – you could only buy access through so-called alpha passes – the second round should be open to everyone.

According to the official announcement, The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will bring numerous new features with it. Accordingly, the play-and-earn options are more sophisticated than in the predecessor. The overall gaming experience has also been improved.

The Sandbox promises the following features for its NFT game:

  • Over 35 new ways to explore the game (“Experiences”)
  • Access via PC and Mac
  • 200 quests
  • More ways to win Alpha Passes and earn SAND Tokens

The starting shot will be fired on March 3rd at 4 p.m. Interested gamers can simply log in and register via the official The Sandbox homepage. It is best to log in with a Metamask wallet, but you can also register by email.

One of the new experiences in The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is “Snoop Dogg’s Foreplay”. The rapper and record producer, who has set up shop in the Metaverse and has skyrocketed NFT property prices as a result, offers a glimpse into his planned Snoopverse. There is a potential opportunity to admire his NFT collection there. Not without a price, however. Because for this gamers need the Snoop Dogg VIP status. You get this by helping Snoop’s guests and befriending his Doberguards.

Other experiences that gamers can look forward to include:

  • Dracula’s Castle: This quest is about ridding a village of pixel monsters.
  • Meta Dungeon: A classic hack and slash adventure. A cybercity and underground dungeons await the players.
  • The Funguy’s Kingdom: A multiplayer experience with mushrooms. Optical experiences included!
  • Border Town of Tang Dynasty: Clear a small town of demons. She will thank you.

How do I get an Alpha Pass in the Sandbox?

A special incentive in the Metaverse game The Sandbox is the Alpha Pass. This is a VIP ticket in the form of an NFT. Whoever owns it will receive up to 1,000 SAND as a reward. There are several ways to get an Alpha ticket:

  • Complete quests to get so-called raffle tickets. The more raffle tickets you earn, the higher the chance of an alpha ticket.
  • Participate in social contests. This is about completing certain tasks via social media to get a chance at the Alpha Pass. And to increase awareness of The Sandbox.
  • Season 2 Alpha Pass on a secondary market (for example open sea) to buy.

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