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Analyst Names Top 3 Play-to-Earn Games at Polygon

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Polygon maintains its position as the fastest growing ETH sidechain, according to data from DaapRadar and CoinMarketCap.

Furthermore, further evidence of the growth of polygon is that the games built on the chain now have an average of 68,000 active players daily.

In the last 30 days, four games led in terms of new users acquired: Sunflower Land (38.43%), Crazy Defense Heroes (30.42%), Pegaxy (16.31%) and Arc8 (11.37%).

These four titles account for 95.63% of new users in Polygon-based games. So, given the growth of Polygon’s ecosystem, the specialist in play-to-earn games Jorge B., listed the three games that he considers to be the most promising in the ecosystem.

Sunflower Land

First, he talked about Sunflower Land. The game is a farming simulator where players gain perks and benefits by watering plants, growing crops, feeding animals and managing a farm.

“Tokenomics features $SFL, currently valued at $0.16, down 15% in the last 24 hours. According to DappRadar, Sunflower Land has totaled $160,000 in transactions in the last 30 days, out of 784,000 transactions overall, estimating the average value per transaction to be just over $0.20,” he said.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Next, the analyst highlighted Crazy Defense Heroes. It is an RPG-style tower defense game based on cards, chests and collectible rewards.

In it, players need to defend towers, participate in weekly challenges, defeat bosses and create clans. There are over 400 towers, spells and collectible cards with 1,000 levels to conquer.

“The game is one of the fastest growing recently thanks to its Tower Map NFT Rewards. According to Footprint Analytics, the total number of players as of May 25 is 542,169. Crazy Defense Heroes introduces the $TOWER token, currently valued at $0.005.”


Finally, the analyst pointed to Pegaxy. The game is a PvP horse racing simulator that offers multiple races, each with 12 horses. The top three receive prizes in the game reward token $VIS.

Horse racing is decided by several factors, such as some characteristics of horses in NFTs. Gene and rarity, for example, play a key role in winning.

Tokenomics features $VIS which is used to breed horses and manage in-game rewards. Meanwhile, the governance token $PGX is used for creation and to engage in the proposal engine.

“The $PGX is currently valued at $0.03, up 0.48% in the last 24 hours. $VIS is at $0.0003, down 1.24% over the same period. Pegaxy has the highest retention rate of any game on Polygon. According to Footprint, the peak was 77% of new players retained in Q1 2022.”

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