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NFT Play-to-Own game by the NFL and Mythical Games

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Mythical Games and the National Football League have teamed up to create a new NFT game. NFL Rivals, where users play as team managers. In this new game, all 32 teams will be available for trading as NFTs.

The main focus of the game will be team building and skill leveling. Tokens will also be distributed to players. The game will feature “arcade-style” 3D models, according to Billy Shautz, executive producer at Mythical Games.

According to Shautz, there isn’t much shareable information about the game. For now, only the ETH-based token and the scope of the project have been announced.

The plan is to launch NFL Rivals as early as 2023. In addition, the game will be free-to-play and each player will receive a team. According to the developers, the game is based on play-to-win and play-to-own mechanisms. To earn tokens and NFTs, you will need to win matches and complete objectives.

In November last year, Mythical Games raised $32 million for the development of new games. The main investor was 32Equity, one of the main investors in the NFL.

“We are really optimistic about the potential of blockchain technology to drive future fan engagement. We see this as a real long-term opportunity,” said Joe Ruggiero, senior vice president of consumer products for the NFL.

He also added that the league is looking at this project as a long-term opportunity. Then he said that there is a lot of potential for NFTs in the video game industry.

Mythical Games is now worth $1.25 billion. They created their own EVM (ETH Virtual Machine) that the NFL Rivals will take advantage of.

Solo game mode

In NFL Rivals, there will be a Solo Player mode where players will play against existing NFT lineups. Solo mode, however, will not have an offline option.

Non-live PVP (player vs player)

This player mode features matches against other players’ assembled and custom teams. In each match, players will be able to pick the football team of their choice in hopes of winning the game and earning NFTs.

Mythical Games’ market cap is now $1.25 billion.

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