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DeHorizon Releases Airdrop and Whitelist for DeVerse Metaverse Internal Test

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Following the IGO depletion on Binance NFT, DeHorizon is gearing up to launch the internal test of its MMORPG DeVerse on February 22nd.

As the developers announced, the Whitelist is open until February 14, 2022. Only players who gain access to the Whitelist will have access to the internal test.

As per the announcement, to provide players with a Free-to-Play gaming experience, they will receive 5,000 test DVTs tokens and 1 set of consumables. In total, there are 2,000 spots available for the internal test.

DeHorizon has set aside a prize pool of 16,535,968 $DVT for players who participate in the test. They will compete for the top of the rankings in Biweekly Top Kills, Biweekly Top Wins and internal rankings, with a total prize pool of 944,696 $DVTs

DeVerse gameplay

DeVerse is a team battle game with five different character classes called Numen. Each Numen has a particular skill and role within the team.

Numen’s five classes are: Guard; Alchemist; Adventurous; Warrior and Vampire.

Teams gather in what is known as a “room”. After assembling the team, the player can join the game, which will cost an entry fee to be paid in $DVT.

The object of the game is to occupy the gate for as long as possible, earning points for doing so. Killing the opponent’s Numen will not give you any points, but it will help in the individual ranking.

“Your team will win when you get 10,000 points in 8 minutes or if you have more points than your opponent after 8 minutes. The winning team takes 95% of the DVT entry fees. The remaining 5% goes to the treasury and is burned,” the developers revealed.

Who benefits from the virtual El Dorado?

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