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Digital Vs Analog Dry Bath Incubators

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Incubators are used for a variety of clinical applications such as premature baby care, genetic engineering, coagulation studies, denaturing DNA, in situ hybridization, Hot Start PCR, BUN, melting sugar, enzyme reactions, inactivation of Sera and much more. Purchasing an incubator can prove to be challenging task as there are different models and sizes available. Each type of incubator model has a specific purpose. So it is important to select the one that can serve your precise requirements. Dry bath incubators provide controlled dry heat for various kinds of laboratory and medical applications. There are two types of dry bath incubators – Digital and Analog Dry Bath incubators. This article looks at the key differences between these categories. Benchmark Scientific and Boekel Scientific are the top brands offering quality lab incubators.They are used for a variety of clinical applications

Digital Dry Bath Incubator

They are fitted with a microchip that gives users the option to control the temperature of the bath. These incubators also have a digital screen that displays the temperature. Temperature adjustment can be made by pressing the up and down button. These incubators are available in two and four block capacity models and come with several useful features:

  • Large LED display
  • Interchangeable blocks with analog and digital models
  • Enhanced temperature stability
  • User convenience feature named “Set it and forget it”
  • PID Microprocessor controlled temperature selection
  • Rapid heat up
  • Advanced options to set temperature in 0.1ºC Increments up to 120ºC

Analog Dry Bath Incubator

The dimensions of these incubators vary from model to model. They are available in one block, two block and 4 block capacity. Advanced features in top quality models include

  • Block extractor rod
  • Amber pilot Light
  • Dynamic temperature range
  • Maximum temperature of 150 C
  • Interchangeable blocks with digital models
  • Hydraulic Thermostat

Ensure purchase from the right lab equipment supplier

It is important to purchase your dry bath incubator from an established lab equipment supplier that offers various models of the equipment. This will allow you to compare features and technical specifications of various brands and models of dry bath incubators before you make your choice. With the right supplier, you are ensured of professional guidance to make the selection. Before making the purchase decision, consider key factors such as

  • Product specifications
  • Accurate results in minimal time
  • Ease of use and durability
  • Proper warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  • After-sales support
  • Availability of spare parts and other accessories

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