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Disney: job postings provide insight into Metaverse plans

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Entertainment company Disney’s plans for the Metaverse are taking shape. Many outlets recently reported on the merging of real and virtual experiences Disney is planning at its theme parks. The company is now looking for NFT experts with a wide range of skills via job advertisements. The media group currently has four vacancies on his career website advertised. For an application, expertise in the ecosystem of the Non-fungible tokens necessary.

Judging by those ads, Disney plans to bridge the music, entertainment, and tech industries in its own way. That sounds like the beginning of the entertainment giant’s own metaverse.

Ex-Disney boss speaks out

A few days ago, former Disney CEO Bob Iger provided more insight into Disney’s Metaverse plans. In a episode of the podcast “Sway” the New York Times However, Iger also pointed out the immense challenges:

In order to survive as an entertainment company in the Web 3.0 world, you have to have really compelling intellectual property.

According to the former Disney boss, there is no end in sight to the NFT hype, quite the opposite:

Trading cards can be digital and have meaning for people. And as long as that meaning can be essentially demonstrated on a blockchain, I believe we will see an explosion of things being created, traded and collected in NFTs.

Of course, Disney wants to be at the forefront here. And it’s not going too badly: The first NFT has reportedly starred Walt Disney and Mickey from the series “Golden Moments” has now reached a price of 47,000 USD. It started at a price of just 333 US dollars.

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