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Binance Provides German Police Informations About Alleged Terrorist Accomplices

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Since experiencing regulatory pressure in many parts of the world, Binance has made efforts to collaborate with authorities and regulators. And an example of this collaboration that has just been revealed.

According to a Reuters report published on Thursday (3), the cryptocurrency exchange shared informations with German police about two of its customers.

The pair are suspected of being an accomplice of 20-year-old Austrian gunman Kutjim Fejzulai. In November 2020, he shot dead four people in Vienna. Responsibility for this attack was claimed by the Islamic State later.

Binance legal representatives said they passed on information about the suspects to the Federal Criminal Police Department of Germany (BKA) in May and June last year.

In a letter to Reuters, Binance said it provided “as much informations as it could, given the limitations of the information held on file.”

German police asked Binance for informations

This came after German police informed the exchange in 2021 that evidence pointed to suspects using the platform.

At the time, the police asked Binance to provide data related to the suspects. In addition, BKA requested a list of all cryptocurrency transactions carried out by them.

After Reuters published a report on the case, legal representatives of the platform sent the aforementioned letter.

In it, they said that the exchange responded to BKA’s request on May 18, 2021, the day it was received. The company said it provided “a link to the requested information and the accompanying password.”

Additionally, Binance representatives said that BKA asked for more information on June 7.

This time, Binance’s compliance division responded that the exchange “did not contain all the requested information.” According to the text, the data would be “related to fiat deposits that were processed by suppliers”.

After that, on June 22, the BKA asked for new information. On this occasion, the exchange said it had provided the requested data.

The Binance spokesperson further said that the information submitted included the customers’ deposit and withdrawal history.

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