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Free Virus Scan Online – Scanning Your Computer For Threats When the Antivirus Failed

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There are times when you cannot use your antivirus because the virus or whatever the threat has disabled it. How do you scan your computer if this is the case? You cannot use your protection software and therefore, you cannot remove the threats.

Luckily, most of the antivirus companies have online scanning tool for you to use. Companies such as McAfee, Symantec, Bitdefender and other virus protection companies provide free virus scan from their websites. You can use it for free without any charges.

After scanning your computer and determining the threats, then you can immediately find the removal tool to remove it from the internet. Usually, there is a removal tool for each threat and you can find it at pc protection software company’s websites such as Symantec website.

However, there are several free virus scan available on the internet provide threats removal such as the BitDefender Online Scanner.

You can also use the free virus scan to try new type of virus protection software. Let’s say you have an antivirus installed in your system and you want to try new security software from another company, but your system cannot have two antiviruses at once. So, how do you test the new security software?

You can use the free virus scan provided by the company to scan your PC and compare it with your existing antivirus. This way, you can determine which performs better without having to uninstall your existing one.

However, most free virus scan didn’t provide removal of the threats and require some form of payment before they will remove it.

In order for you to completely protect yourself and your PC, it’s better that you avoid downloading suspicious software or visiting suspicious websites rather than trying to remove it after being infected.

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