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Gods Unchained introduces royalty fees for secondary market transactions

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Blockchain-based card game Gods Unchained has announced upcoming royalty rates for players. According to the team, they will be introduced in markets such as OpenSea, TokenTrove and Immutable X.

The developers’ goal is to make royalty fees the game’s main source of revenue in the future.

Existing cards in Gods Unchained will receive applied royalty rates in the near future. All new cards already include these fees.

In addition, it was decided that 20% of royalty fees will go towards the $GODS staking pool. Through this contribution, Gods Unchained will help create a sustainable play-to-earn ecosystem so tokens can be distributed to active players as rewards.

There are four types of cards in Gods Unchained: Meteorite, Shadow, Gold and Diamond. Each of them will have a special royalty rate.

Gods Unchained introduces royalty fees for secondary market transactions

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play card game built on Immutable X, where you can exchange cards like NFTs.

Players can buy and sell cards through the in-game market. Also, they can earn the native game token $GODS, which works as an in-game payment method.

Rare cards are unique and can be sold for $GODS. The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token used to create NFTS and earn rewards.

Recently, the team announced a new card pack called Mortal Judgment that brought over 190 new cards, three new abilities, and a new Mythic 1/1 card.

Mortal Judgment is the last major set in the Champions Rise series, according to the team. The new set is approximately the same size as the Divine Order. However, this time, the mythical card is Omox.

Also according to the announcement, at the beginning of the game, Omox places himself at the top of both players’ decks. So when played, Omox destroys the hand, replacing it with nine random mana creatures and setting the mana cost of each to 1. Also, the biggest addition to this set are three new abilities: Echo, Empower and Tempt Fate.

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