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Gala Games will give away free NFTs

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At the end of April, Gala Games, one of the main producers of play-to-earn and metaverse games, announced May Mayhem, a full month of awards, competitions and other activities within the Gala games.

Following what was done last year, when GALA gave away around US$1 million in prizes, this year the game studio has allocated around US$4 million to give away gifts to players, with US$2 million just for Town Star gamers.

The other US$ 2 million is being distributed to participants in several other games and initiatives linked to Gala Games.

According to data from Gala Games, more than US$ 900 million in prizes have already been distributed until the first half of the month. These include GALA tokens and unique NFTs.

Now, for the next 15 days, Gala promises another $900,000 in tokens in various competitions. In addition, everyone who plays Town Star from May 17 onwards for at least 3 days will get a free Flour Storage NFT.

As Gala Games highlighted, the NFTs will be distributed in June to all winners.

Gala Games

Meanwhile, the Spider Tanks competition will reward the highest total point earners in singles matches each day with a share of $250,000 in GALA.

Also new for the last half of the month is the referral reward program that has increased to $135,000. The amount will be divided equally among all who bring six nominations in the week.

There is also another award for Gala Gold members. All members who complete the 12 new levels in the game will also earn a share of the GALA Millionaire Prize.

Finally, the last award is linked to the Feed Bot referral contest, in which whoever nominates 10 people will receive an NFT.

“Why do we do this? Because giving value back to the community is one of our favorite things in the world. May is the month we express our gratitude to our amazing community. Without all of your loyalty and support, none of this tremendous success would have been possible.”

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