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Metaverse Splinterlands announces reward updates

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Play-to-earn (P2E) game Splinterlands announced that they identified a flaw in their reward system that allowed bots to play almost for free (with just a purchase of the spellbook) and that was causing problems in the game.

Now, the team has announced a new reward system, based on various criteria, to stop bots from working.

Splinterlands announces reward updates

According to the team, with the update there will be seasonal rewards that will use a new point system in which reward quotas from each win are added to your seasonal reward points.

So, the more seasonal reward points, the more chests you earn. Everyone can earn up to a maximum of 150 chests during a season.

Additionally, the team announced that daily quests will change significantly. They will be renamed Daily Focus, last for 24 hours and allow players to earn up to 30 chests per day.

As with current missions, Daily Focus will feature a specific Splinter. Each win with this Splinter contributes to focus points. The player can accumulate focus points to earn chests. Points are based on Reward Actions.

On the other hand, quest potions will be removed from the game. Anyone with Quest potions remaining in their inventory will be refunded the appropriate amount of DEC.

Also, along with this new rewards system come 12 new reward cards. And while there’s not much information about the cards themselves yet, it is known that they will include a new ability: Shield of Reflection.

The Shield of Reflection makes a card immune to all secondary damage, including Magic Reflect, Thorns, Return Fire, and Blast. Apparently, the new reward cards will also include three new legendary cards.

While the code release is planned for May 22nd, the quest changes, season rewards, etc will not take effect until the start of the next season on May 31st.

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