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Google registers trademark for “non-fungible planet”

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This week, Google filed an application for a trademark called “Non-Fungible Planet,” which is associated with the nonfungible token (NFT) popular in cruistrum. However, this is not related to the above subjects and is focused on climate change education.

Non-fungible planet

According to the application, the company aims to “provide information on environmental protection, nature protection, energy efficiency, climate change, carbon footprint reduction, environmental issues and sustainable development”.

The project will be based on “entertainment services, namely the provision of playback of specially selected non-downloadable video broadcasters via the Internet and other communication networks.”

What is interchangeable can be easily exchanged for another identical item. For example, a currency unit such as a BTC can be considered fungible because one BTC can be replaced by another.

In the cryptosphere, the unique digital objects on the blockchain, which are often used to represent works of art and other collectibles, are nonfungible.

Large technology companies are massively implementing NFT on their platform. For example, Twitter allows Ethereum-based NFTs as a profile picture, and Facebook has confirmed that NFTs will be used on the platform in the near future.

However, the current submission from Google is silent about such collectibles. Probably their concept of the “nonfungible” is related to the idea that we only have one planet, so it cannot be destroyed.

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