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Guild of Guardians launches closed alpha for investors

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The Guild of Guardians metaverse has begun selecting investors to download and participate in its closed alpha.

Emails are arriving in registered investors’ inboxes with download links, a guide to playing the game and a special code that gives access to what is officially a “pre-alpha demo”.

A year after selling its NFTs, the Guild of Guardians finally announces its long-awaited alpha version by the community.

Guild of Guardians is basically a group-based Diablo or Lost Relics. Players start with 240 Energy and spend 10 when entering dungeons. Energy is recharged to the fullest at the beginning of each day.

There are two worlds available to this alpha, Crypt and Magma. Each has twelve dungeons. As you can imagine, they get progressively more difficult and the player must defeat the current open dungeon before being able to move on to the next one.

Additionally, each dungeon also comes with a suggested power rating for your party.

Guild of Guardians

This pre-alpha also features a leaderboard. Scoring is based on the number of dungeons completed, the amount of experience gained, heroes leveled, and a surprise category that the team will reveal at the end of the alpha.

Players on the leaderboard receive GoG tokens as a reward. Alpha only offers single player gameplay at the moment.

According to players who have had access to the beta, while the game is a bit basic at the moment, it has fundamentals. At the same time, the game’s graphics have been praised.

“I really have no complaints other than the fact that my old eyes have a hard time seeing the details on my phone screen. I would play this game all the time on my PC,” said user Phil Hall.

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