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Metaverse MOBOX officially announces the launch of MOMOverse

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Since its launch last year, MOBOX has announced the release of three full games, with another in test. Now, after these developments, MOBOX has announced its next virtual world, MOMOverse.

MOBOX announces the launch of MOMOverse

MOMOverse is the next central hub for a new system of interconnected applications. This includes a new NFT marketplace, a social gaming network, a museum to showcase your NFTs, and player and crafting houses.

According to the team, the project has big expansion plans and MOMOs, NFT creatures with the ability to mine tokens, will play a vital part in the MOMOverse economy.

With the launch of MOMOverse, MOMOs will have several new mining options to choose from. These include Bird Camp, Beast Camp, Fish Camp, Monster Camp, and Epic Camp.

Each Camp can only be mined by the corresponding MOMO type. Camps produce new resource types, Feathers, Leather, Pearls, Ore and Gold. Higher quality MOMOs produce resources at a higher rate.

Once found, resources can be converted into building materials through crafting. All resources and building materials can be sold in the in-game market.

The in-game marketplace will use the MBOX token as the primary currency and include 5% on sell orders (buy orders have 0% fees).

Furthermore, the Mobox team also released some details about their planned second phase for the MOMOverse. This includes a world map with PvP for territory control.

According to the announcement, Phase 2 of MOMOverse features a ‘MOBOXer Shop’, allowing third parties to create and release tools and mods for MOMOverse.

There will even be an approval system involved for these additions. But content creators will receive royalties from their contributions.

MOBOX is a gaming platform running on Binance Chain that includes some DeFi elements and currently offers 4 play-to-earn games: ChainZ Arena, MOland Defense, Block Brawler and Token Maste.

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