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How to earn WRLD, token that jumped 190%, in play-to-earn metaverse game NFT Worlds

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One of the play-to-earn games that has been standing out in the market is NFT Worlds. It is a virtual world developed by Minecraft, which has NFTs and its own WRLD token, which has appreciated by around 190% in the last month.

NFT Worlds has a collection of 10,000 unique worlds in the form of NFT. The multiplayer metaverse game is fully decentralized and allows players to own and create countless experiences.

Each NFT world is a unique, explorable and unlimited virtual space. The platform is still under development, but some of its features and NFT Worlds beta are already available for.

How to play NFT Worlds

According to an article by the Dapp Raddar platform, which provides portfolio analysis and tracking for decentralized application (DApp) markets, there are three different ways to play NFT Worlds.

The first way is through the browser, but in this case it is only possible to view the worlds. There are 46 possible world environments, each with its own special characteristics. Worlds can have soil rich in gems or oil, or they can be completely barren.

There is yet another option, which is through the Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 Launcher. In this case, it is possible to build and edit the worlds. Also, this option supports avatars and custom graphics.

To get started, you need to buy, download and install Minecraft. Then it will be possible to create a world in Minecraft.

The third option would be via the NFT Worlds Launcher, which is not yet available at the moment.

When enabled, this option will integrate the features of the two previous ways. It will still be possible to view personalized features of the NFT world.

In practice, Launcher will allow users to join any public world, see the latest updates, manage their WRLD wallets and get automatic updates for the game client.

How to acquire an NFT world

Users can acquire an NFT world in two ways. One option is to buy it on the secondary market, like OpenSea. The other alternative, which will be launched later in 2022, is a rental system.

In this case, players will be able to put ownership of their NFT worlds to long-term use in exchange for a set amount of WRLD tokens each month.

How to win WRLD

Finally, there are a few other ways to earn the in-game token, WRLD, which has skyrocketed in the last month, although it has retreated more recently. The token price at the time of writing is close to $0.32.

WRLD is an in-game token based on the ETH and Polygon blockchains. Players can use it to access exclusive items, experiences, perks and other content on the NFT Worlds platform.

The WRLD token can be earned by playing and doing other things on public NFT worlds through the reward systems created by the world’s owners.

Rewarding interactions include:

  • Play role-playing games that reward players for completing quests;
  • Learning things or acquiring skills in the educational worlds;
  • play real battles
  • Play team vs team matches
  • Play games for free
  • Participate in any other games or experiences that allow players to use their skills, knowledge and achievements

Furthermore, users will also be able to earn WRLD by participating in community events, staking, renting NFTs to others, etc.

It is worth noting that the winning mechanics have not yet been fully implemented in NFT Worlds. But the team already has a test server that allows 500 players at the same time to play and win WRLD.

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