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Kesef Finance Launches on Binance Smart Chain

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With the motivation to make DeFi accessible, Kesef Finance has launched yield farming pools and is bringing out the most robust-looking DeFi mobile app next.

Kesef Finance is a complete DeFi suite, facilitated in an app-first concept, revolutionizing the way the world will use crypto in both the virtual and physical worlds. 

Kesef is built on cross-chain, taking the advantage of the most powerful blockchain network: ETH, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot to offer the most affordable and fast transactions.

Kesef Finance has recently partnered with Ares protocol. Ares Protocol is a smart, cross-chain, and Oracle-based protocol powered by Polkadot. Ares Protocol is a provider of safe and reliable data for the DeFi platform and will do the same with Kesef, giving them a competitive edge.

Key Attributes

Yield farm: The most distinct feature of Kesef is the yield earnings that are generated on staking. Kesef deploys an active working mechanism to continually lookout for the best yield pools, to adjust and incentivize the maximum APY percentage for its users. The 21 yield pools and farms are live on Binance Smart Chain here.

Kesef Finance Launches on Binance Smart Chain

An elegant mobile app: Kesef Mobile will be a one-stop solution for all your DeFi needs. The app will feature a wallet, multiple staking pools, dex trading across Uniswap and Pancakeswap, physical and virtual card management, live in-app support, and a lot more. 

Cross-Chain Integration: Kesef leverages DeFi pools on different chains to give the best possible returns with the lowest possible fees. With KSF bridges users can swap it across ETH, BSC, and Polkadot easily. 

A customized crypto debit card: Kesef is introducing the most stylish-looking customizable crypto debit card that can be used online and offline. And, this card comes with zero fees at no extra cost to the Kesef users. 

Kesef token

KSF is the native token of Kesef that is quintessential in the Kesef Finance ecosystem. KSF is the ultimate governance and utility token. KSF token holders will be participants of an ever-growing community of DeFi, yield farming, will enjoy additional benefits on the crypto card, and early benefits. 

  • KSF token supply will be maxed at 25 million 
  • Liquidity mining: 10 Million
  • Initial supply: 15 Million
  • Private sale: 2 Million
  • Presale: 6 Million
  • Bug Bounties: 1 Million
  • Exchange market maker tokens: 1 Million
  • Liquidity for DEX: 3 Million

Final thoughts

To enter the world of DeFi has never been this simpler. With a single click, you can enjoy the complete DeFi suite. With Kesef mobile app launch forthcoming it will be the most user-friendly app in the DeFi landscape.

Kesef is moving fast to showcase itself on the major platforms. Kesef has already been listed on CoinMarketcap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Bilaxy exchange.

To top it off, Kesef is aiming to solve DeFi accessibility for users by providing all exciting tools and features at the same time creating bridges to encompass the best of each world.

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