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Meta has registered a trademark in Brazil mentioning cryptocurrency trading | Shiba Inu developer announces deal that “breaks the internet”

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Meta Corporation, formerly known as Facebook, has applied to a trademark in Brazil that mentions BTC and the cryptocurrency trade.

Meta has registered a trademark in Brazil

Meta filed a trademark application in Brazil that includes the words:

  • BTC;
  • Cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Environment for buying and selling digital currencies (exchange?)

All information is currently limited to two screenshots published on


The application was submitted in December 2021 and concerns the design, development and implementation of software for third party digital currency transaction verification services, including Bitcoin.

In addition, the document specifies the creation of a virtual online environment for the sale and purchase of digital currencies, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital and blockchain assets, digital securities, tokenized securities and utility tokens.


A few years ago, Shiba Inu Q&A met with investors at Discord. Shiba Inu chief developer Shitoshi Kusama spoke about what SHIB awaits in the future. He said that “they have another deal 98% locked that will break the Internet”.

However, Shitoshi did not reveal any detail.

At the same time, a video with a flashing screen and the message “Something is cooking” appeared on the official SHIB twitter account. In the background you can hear a chicken croaking and at the end of the video, the SHIB logo appears with crossed kitchen utensils.

The phrase “break the internet” does not shed much light on the nature of the development, so we have to wait for a new message from Shitoshi. Given that “the trade is closed at 98%, it is likely that this report will not be long in coming.

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