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My Neighbor Alice announces update

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My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer landbuilding and farming game based on the Chromia blockchain, has announced the roadmap for 2022.

So, according to the team, starting in the second quarter, the roadmap includes milestones, activities and incentives for token holders and players in general.

In addition, the team highlighted that the first season of My Neighbor Alice will be released at the end of the second quarter of 2022.

So in the 2022 roadmap, developers will focus on developing art, components, and characters.

Therefore, as the team explained, My Neighbor Alice also plans to transition to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the future.

Thus, this means that there will be no central authority to control the direction of the game and that the community will have voting powers.

Therefore, the game that was founded by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive mobile game studio formerly known as SVRVIVE Studios, is set to become one of the first DAOs fully connected to the metaverse.

My Neighbor Alice

So, another novelty of My Neighbor Alice, which is currently in a test network environment, is that the final version of the game will soon be released.

So this final version will include many improvements to the current game and updates to the reward system.

The released script lists several “Alpha Seasons”. Each season will have updates, incremental improvements, and additional components until full release.

  • Q2 2022: Land sales alongside the introduction of Alpha Season 1
    Q3 2022: Land sale and introduction of a companion app for My Neighbor Alice
    4th quarter 2022: sale of land
    TBD 2022: Alpha seasons will continue and land features will be announced
    TBD 2023 : Land sales and Alpha seasons continue. In-game partnerships will be announced with the introduction of the Beta Season

So the announcement was very well received by the community that highlighted the importance of launching the final version and the game’s tokenomics.

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