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Mines of Dalarnia launched its first mining event

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Mines of Dalarnia officially launched their Mainnet on the BNB chain through a partnership with Binance and Chromia, which helped them establish a secure and reliable connection to the blockchain.

After an extensive trial period and three successful land sales (with the most expensive land sold for more than $ 1 million), Mines of Dalarnia, also named MO, released its game as scheduled, on April 26, 2022.

After several intense weeks, the team shared a few insights into how the release was going and what would happen to the game.

Crypto crash

All dApps and cryptotokenes have been affected by the recent market crash. Mines of Dalarnia are no different and their token $ DAR It dropped to $ 0.4 at the time of writing, which is less than half the value before the crash.

The developers themselves have acknowledged that the economy cannot be considered stable right now and that they are working to make it sustainable in the long run.


In just the first week, the game has gained 8,000+ active players who have completed more than 310,000 mining sessions. The team even had to set up special maintenance to match demand.

However, great results do not always come without problems. Mines of Dalarnia has gained a lot of video evidence about how bots benefit from the game. The team investigated the probable cause of such abuse after receiving several complaints.

The game has no flaws in its smart contracts and the reliability of the project is undoubtedly high after browsing KuCoin and Binance.

According to the team, all client games will face similar problems in the future if the game implements farming mechanisms. In Mines of Dalarnia, players benefit from resources, which they can then sell to a centralized market or through secondary exchanges to other players.

Mining event

In order to balance gameplay and tokenomics, Mines of Dalarnia has announced new features and events that will free up more resources in the ecosystem.

Events may be available at each update, but there is no official confirmation. The current one is called “Qucksilver mine“.

Mines of Dalarnia launched its first mining event
Armor Holos

The first time-limited mining operation of MO is the Quicksilver Terraforming Capsule. Terraform your land with this instead of the standard capsule and add a new temporary Quicksilver Mine.

Quicksilver mines can explore adventurers with a PL (performance level) of 10 or higher and gain a new, unique resource. This resource will not be tradable on DEX and can only be obtained by mining. It can be used to make a limited edition Quicksilver helmet and Holos armor.

Mines of Dalarnia launched its first mining event


Mercury terra capsules

Participation will therefore give players a competitive advantage and NFTs that may become more valuable in the future.

From now on, the team is committed to participating in more marketing-driven initiatives and disseminating information about the Mines of Dalarnia. By increasing their user base, they are likely to be able to slightly offset the effects of the cryptotrush crash and continue to build their ambitious project.

What is Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a free browser-based P2E (play to earn) adventure game developed by Chromia Studios and Workinman Interactive. The game requires players to collect artifacts, relics and mining materials that they can use to upgrade their equipment and characters. You have to race against the clock to mine artifacts, fight monsters and improve your skills.

Dalarna’s world has many mines full of minerals and resources. There are various terrains and secrets in the game that players need to uncover. Players can buy and rent game plots via the NFT and also rent them.

The game contains four areas: Ice, Darkness, Lava and Terra. Because Mines Of Dalarnia is a lucrative game, players can win tokens in many ways by completing in-game tasks, inviting friends to the game, or winning competitions for DAR tokens, which is the currency of the Dalarnia world. Anyone can access the game from their browser without downloading the game.


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