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Metaverse The Sandbox launches new competition that pays users in cryptocurrencies

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The Sandbox has announced the launch of a competition called “Game Jam” that will give away around 50,000 SAND to players.

According to the announcement, the tokens will be distributed to both gamers and game creators. That is, both those who find the rewards and the best game creators will get SAND for free.

The Sandbox wants to attract more users

After establishing itself as one of the greatest metaverses and grossing over $93 million, The Sandbox wants to keep attracting creators with this new competition.

As the ad highlights, 50,000 SANDS will be distributed among 10 users. First place will win 20,000 SAND, second 15,000 SAND and third 8,000 SAND. Finally, from fourth to tenth place, each will win 1,000 SAND.

The deadline to complete and submit your application is January 18 at 23:59 UTC.

How to participate

To participate in the competition, all games must be uploaded to the Game Maker gallery.

In addition, theParticipants can only use assets they own, core assets or assets that they themselves designed in Vox Editor. Individuals and studios are welcome to participate.

The Sandbox further states that anyone who spams the gallery with low quality games trying to get to the top of the rankings will be disqualified.

Game Maker is a development suite for creating 3D games on the blockchain. Everyone can join and submit fully functional multiplayer games to enjoy in the metaverse.

Also according to the project team, Game Maker is inspired by Roblox and Minecraft. In this sense, its objective is to take game development to the masses and democratize the creation process.

“Right now, only a very small percentage of people can code a game that works on the blockchain, use their NFTs within it, and have a community to test and improve it. Thanks to Game Maker you have a complete toolkit to bring your dream game to life.

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