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Metaverses Reta Wars and Gala Games announce news

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Gala Games, one of the great development studios of the metaverse, has released a new demo of a game in development by Drifter and called “Superior”.

In the demo version of the game, players are one of the last human survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. In this context, Superior is a 3rd person shooter that is packed with action in an intense festival of survival.

In the Superior demo revealed, players are fighting hordes of superheroes gone awry. Throughout the game, players are invited to carry out different missions with special objectives, different enemies and unique environments.

Upon completing quests, players receive an elixir from their fallen enemies. This is the source of their powers and can be used to gain new superpowers or augment existing ones. In addition, the elixir can have a wide range of effects.

Superior will include a variety of characters that will be available for players to collect as NFTs. The game is expected to be released in late 2022.

Reta Wars

Another metaverse that announced news was Reta Wars which released an explanation of how the three main game mechanics will work in the real game.

At the same time, they confirmed the launch of an airdrop on Gleam ending March 22 with rewards for users.

Additionally, Reta Wars developers Realital have for the first time announced a robust package of details about heroes, territories, and the daily Reta War, which are the mechanics in the game.

There will be various types of remuneration in each of the modes and through the various issues related to the game.

Reta Wars is a simulation game running on Binance Smart Chain that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi. In Reta Wars, players place their heroes on evenly distributed territories to collect resources from sawmills, mines, and farms. Territories can have additional utilities and buildings to train heroes and serve your faction.

In the game, two factions representing the gods fight to become the “God of Gods”. Players must choose which faction to support and provide support such as resources, combat power, and intelligence. Finally, the winning faction receives resources and cryptocurrencies as payment.

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